Eleonora Chacón Taylor (she/her) - aka Purplephlox, is an electronic music DJ and producer based in Costa Rica.

During 2019, she started music studies at DJLab, where she had great teachers like Charly Fariseo, Dan Freeman, Alejandro Vega, Richard Salazar, Mason Dunn and Esteban Howell. By mid-2022 she had completed music production, advanced synthesis and pro DJ courses. During the last straws of the pandemic, most of her initial performances were at small house parties or livestreamed.

Eleonora’s productions are almost always motivated by either learning or experimentation. Her creative workflow is heavy on the hardware side, as she feels in control of the machines. It is hard to delimit Purplephlox’s music genre. For her, human identity, creativity and music cannot be encased with labels. Her styles gravitate, however, around techno and ambient music. Purplephlox likes to go as deep as she can when selecting the music she wants to share as a DJ. She enjoys giving the audience a different experience, one that is unique and unrepeatable.

She is fond to have been accepted within San Jose’s underground music community and during 2023, she performed at several events like SPUNK, CRAVE and GAG. She was also part of the WARP festival, where she started to show a heavier, darker side.

Eleonora is also an engineer. She teaches a digital circuit design course at the University of Costa Rica, where she is also coursing additional studies. She has side projects related to sound synthesis and midi sequencing.


purplephloxmusic at gmail dot com


Heredia, 40104
Costa Rica