Usually, music will be released on Bandcamp and SoundCloud. Ocassionally, I produce videos which are uploaded to YouTube. Follow me in there to be on the loop!


Single. Released on major music platforms.

Cubujuquí is the indigenous name used for the city where I live.

Conversión Rápida

Single. Released on major music platforms.

Sólo las máquinas se convierten.

Bicicleta Júpiter

Other works

Viento: Exploration with video and sound synthesis, made on Max/MSP. Each pixel in this picture is the substraction of the correspondent pixels from current and previous frame. This information was also used to drive some parameters in a virtual modular synthesizer, running along with the video processing. It is very tense because the musical timbres are cold, yet what we see are tropical plants being bathed by the sun and the wind.

Other works, available for your listening:

DJLab · purplephlox - Discussing Rocks
DJLab · purplephlox - Cuestionamientos
Purplephlox · pulsos
Purplephlox · Djansa Dreaming (Original Mix)
Purplephlox · impasse boundary
Purplephlox · purplephlox EP


purplephloxmusic at gmail dot com


Heredia, 40104
Costa Rica